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You are looking for a guided tour through Schweinfurt?

You want to discover Schweinfurt and get in touch with a local?

You want to get a tour tailored to your needs and wishes?

You want to learn about the unique history of Schweinfurt or explore beautiful spots and hidden places?

You want to get tips on how and where to spend your free time or your holiday in this amazing town?

You want your tour to be interesting, informative and entertaining?



So I am your perfect tourguide!
My name is Nadja Birkel. I am a passionate tourguide and also an English and Spanish teacher!
I was born in Schweinfurt and so
you can meet a real local!
Book your citytour with me if you want to discover
Schweinfurt, the local culture and history and get some insider tips and exciting insights...


Feel free to contact me:


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